Ford County, Kansas - Landfill
Purchased - 2013
Model 2500 Tire Shear
Brian Herbert 
"Desco has saved this Country an average of $15,000.00 a year!!

California Soils, Westley, Ca.

Jason Winters 

Purchased - 2007

Model 4000 - - Comb. - Tire Shear & DeRimmer


"This machine has done everything your Company stated it would" 

"It cleaned up an enormous pile of tires, working 8 hours a day, every day for months".                                 "It continues fulfilling its daily expectations."

One of our customers bought a Desco some years ago. He had mountains of tires to dispose of. At $2.00 per tire he faced a huge expense. Instead, he cut up the tires and disposed of them. This thankful customer said, "The equipment has paid for itself 67 times over." That's the real bottom line stuff. Instead of paying someone else, he invested that money to help his business grow. 

With Desco you can do the same.



  • Tax Deductions –Depending on your specific purchase, there may be some beneficial ways to save on your yearly taxes 

  • Cash Flow –Financing or leasing a piece of equipment allows you to keep your cash flow for other purchases or needs

  • Deferred Payments– Depending on credit, you may qualify for a deferred payment option allowing you to get into the equipment and make some product before your payment is due.

  • 100% Funding - Don't have a lot to put down?
    Many times our lenders have solutions that include 100% funding solutions allowing you to worry less about the down payments.

  • No Pre-payment Penalty - Early buy-out options available!

Desco Financing and Warranty



Desco's Units, are Constructed to withstand

the Intensity of Daily Usage, Year after Year!!  


Founder of Desco Inc.  Don Smith Sr.,

"It's not how well the Unit works when you purchase the machine...

The real test is ... 5 - 10 -  20 years ...and more...will it still be in use? Or is it off setting in the weeds?

DESCO will SAVE You Money!

DESCO will MAKE You Money!

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